Top 5 Porcelain Tiles to Elevate Your Outdoor Living Area
  -     -   Top 5 Porcelain Tiles to Elevate Your Outdoor Living Area

Top 5 Porcelain Tiles to Elevate Your Outdoor Living Area

Top 5 Porcelain Tiles to Elevate Your Outdoor Living Area

Thousands of emotions and feelings get connected when you remember your house. That is why you do not consider it just a place to live, but for you, it will be a place to be joyful. Creating an attractive home reflects your personality. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor space like a balcony, patio, or terrace, you must plan well to make it a perfect place to relax and get your peace out there. 


Knowing some of the best ways to decorate your outdoor space is crucial. One such element is choosing the right kind of floor tiles. Porcelain tiles and Glazed Porcelain tiles are nowadays some of the choicest flooring options chosen by so many homeowners, builders, and construction professionals. Also, a variety of porcelain tiles have dynamic characteristics and applications. 


Neelson Ceramic is one of the leading Porcelain tile manufacturers and exporters. Today, we are here to help you identify the top 5 types of Porcelain tiles that can enhance your outdoor living space for sure. So let us find out which they are!

Top 5 Porcelain Tiles to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

Porcelain tiles provide impressive experiences to the users due to their shiny and smooth texture, visually appealing patterns and designs, and elegant look. Before it becomes hard for you to decide which one to choose from the massive collection available, check out the below 5 types of best porcelain tiles.

Matt and Unglazed Porcelain Tiles

They are exceptionally smooth and rustic and come with a matt finish. Available in vibrant colors that have uniform color all over the tile, also referred to as through-body porcelain. Even if the tile chips, the color underneath the tile will be the same as the surface. The best part of these tiles is that they are very strong and durable. 


Matt tiles are fired in the kiln, without undergoing further processing. Not coated or glazed thereafter, these tiles catch the color from the minerals deposited in the clay or through natural pigmentation. 


Top Features:


  • They do not reflect light and have smooth or textured surfaces, creating a softer look.
  • They are slip-resistant and are thicker than glazed tiles
  • Highly durable and sturdier to withstand high traffic
  • They appear rustic and earthy and are available range of texture surfaces.

Porcelain Tiles



They can be used outdoors and in various public commercial places. 

Full-Body Porcelain Tiles

Full-body Porcelain tiles provide a modern look due to their smooth-matt finish. The topmost unique feature of these tiles is that they are anti-skid and are best for outdoor spaces like swimming pools.


Like matt tiles, full-body porcelain tiles have color uniformity throughout. They come in a single color from the surface to the base. They too get the color from the pigmentation, creating patterns throughout the tile. 


Top features:


  • They are denser and thicker than other types of tiles
  • They do not get dull due to sunlight and are UV-resistant
  • They can withstand extensive wear and tear
  • They are strong, durable, anti-skid and scratch-resistant 



Full-body porcelain tiles can be used in outdoor spaces like swimming pools, malls, gardens, parking areas, godowns, and offices.

Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Glazed porcelain tiles have a lustrous finish, giving a shiny and bright surface. They are made out of clay materials and undergo a vitrification process to get a glossy look. Through the said process, these tiles become free from excess moisture from their body, enabling them to become water-resistant. 


Glazed porcelain tiles symbolize style and elegance due to their reflective surface that always brightens up the space. They make your rooms look bigger, brighter, and shinier. Due to their reflective properties, they look more elegant. These tiles are available in different sizes, patterns, shapes, and colors. 


Top Features:


  • They are dense and stronger.
  • Comes with a low water absorption rate and are highly durable and sturdier
  • They are stain and scratch-resistant due to the glazed layer
  • Needs very less maintenance
  • Highly flexible and versatile most suitable for outdoor spaces and renovations
  • Does not need further treatment or sealing once installed.



Based on its functionality and appearance, glazed porcelain tiles are used for outdoor spaces, bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.

Digitally Printed Porcelain Tiles

Digitally printed porcelain tiles are available in printed and vibrant colors. They cheer up the environment due to their contemporary designs and patterns. They are one type of glazed porcelain tiles, manufactured with technological advancements and the latest production methods. Through digital photography, they look natural as well as glazed. They can mimic other types of tiles like marble stone or wood through digital printing technology. 


Decorating digitally printed porcelain tiles is easier, faster, convenient, and comes with higher resolution. Moreover, manufacturing digitally printed porcelain tiles reduces wastage, eliminates residue, and is hassle-free to decorate.


Top Features:


  • Innumerable design options
  • Highly durable and toughest
  • Moisture-resistant and easy to clean
  • Frost-resistant, has a shiny surface and is virtually appealing.



Outdoor spaces like gardens, parking areas, commercial building premises, etc.

Textured or Stone-look Porcelain Tiles

Textured or stone-look porcelain tiles give the most traditional look to your home. Manufactured with the most advanced technologies, these tiles have combined properties of porcelain and stone. They are suitable for commercial outdoor spaces and domestic purposes as well. They are also available in irregular textured look with durable properties of porcelain and stoneware. These tiles portray a traditional and elegant look that is timeless as well as modernized. They are available in a wide range of varieties in different molds and textures. 


Top Features:


  • Resistant to wear and tear and scratches
  • They absorb very little water and can be used for outdoor swimming pool
  • Due to their non-porous materials, they are resistant to any sort of chemical attack.
  • They are frost-resistant and can withstand weather.
  • Stone-look porcelain tiles are the best in terms of maintaining hygiene on the floor as they prevent bacteria growth.



They can be used as floor and wall tiles in houses and commercial spaces for outdoor and indoor purposes.


Neelson Ceramic is the leading porcelain tiles manufacturer in India and abroad. We always strive to create innovative and unique products with a perfect blend of authenticity and elegance. Our wide range of porcelain tiles are durable and can be customized according to your requirements. Check out our diverse collection of porcelain tiles and Glazed porcelain tiles that range from lustrous marble look to rustic stone.