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What Makes Porcelain Tiles 12x24 The Ideal Choice?

Porcelain tiles 12x24 (300x600mm) are the most popular tile size for walls and floors. These tiles are ideal in size to accommodate a greater surface. Porcelain tiles are available in various designs in this size and thus homeowners can install 12x24 porcelain tiles with customized and personality-resonating designs.

Porcelain tiles 12x24 are loaded with features that attract homeowners. Leading porcelain tiles manufacturers like Neelson Tiles recommend 12x24 porcelain tiles for walls. These tiles are made of clay and sand particles and are sturdier than ceramic. These tiles also prove to be quite effective for places with active water activity, as these tiles are waterproof.

Let’s know more about Porcelain tiles 12x24 and see some features that make this tile an ideal choice.

What Are Porcelain Tiles 12x24?

Porcelain Tiles 12x24 is made of porcelain material which is created by subjecting clay and sand particles to high heat. These tiles are generally confused with ceramic tiles; however, they are both different. 12x24 Porcelain tiles have created a wide variety of custom designs & finishes for homeowners to select the ideal tiles that complement their character. These tiles allow homeowners to impart their character to their homes.

12x24 Porcelain tiles are recommended for home walls & walls. 12x24 or 300x600mm, porcelain tiles are available in different finishes like polished, matt and high gloss. This tile size is most suitable for both large or small spaces and residential or commercial areas because it can accommodate designs and offer the features of porcelain tiles.

Top Interesting Features Of Porcelain Tiles 12x24

Suitable for several designs and patterns without ruining the original texture, these tiles are ideal for walls and can enhance the vibe of the space by displaying attractive designs. Some other features of porcelain tiles 12x24 are as follow:


Durable Nature

Wood is considered a classic theme and pairing it with a durable material gives an ideal tile to go for. There are several different types of wood look for homeowners to choose from that offer different vibes and aesthetics. Wood look porcelain tiles give homes a classic yet contemporary style. There are several selections available to select from over at Neelson Tiles.



Porcelain tiles 12x24 offer immense versatility to homeowners. Porcelain tiles manufacturers have created massive collections of designs and patterns for 12x24 porcelain tiles. Over at Neelson Tiles, the collection has something for every homeowner. Trendy finishes and patterns resonate with homes with character by providing a unique look.



Porcelain tiles 12x24 undergo a high-temperature process of 2200 to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. This process reduces the water absorption rate to less than 0.5% & makes the tiles waterproof. The waterproof nature of these tiles makes them popular for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. These tiles can withstand water, drink, and any liquid spills. Porcelain tiles can also withstand immense foot traffic thus contributing to their longevity.


Low Maintenance

Irrespective of the size, porcelain tiles require significantly less maintenance. Their resistive features allow them to last for a long time without requiring any reinstallation or care. The 12x24 porcelain tiles for floors/walls are expected to last long with no compromise on the features or aesthetics.


Suitable With Other Sizes

12x24 porcelain tiles also offer greater compatibility. These tiles are suitable with other size tiles and provide a combined attractive look. Thus, enhancing the visual appearance of the space.

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So, these are some features or advantages that make porcelain tiles 12x24 or 300x600mm the ideal choice for homeowners. The particular size is considered suitable for accommodating several designs and patterns with beautiful continuation. These tiles are considered to be one of the most popular tiles because of their features.

Porcelain tile 12x24 has a ton of features that makes them a best choice for decorating or renovating homes, especially their versatility. The 12x24 variant of porcelain tiles is recommended for walls because of their suitable sizes. We at Neelson Tiles as leading porcelain tile manufacturers offer an amazing selection of 12x24 porcelain tiles that help homeowners to resonate their personalities and characters with their homes.

Neelson Tiles are a leading porcelain tile manufacturer based in India. Our tiles are manufactured in India and exported to countries such as the USA. We offer a wide variety of finishes and sizes in porcelain tiles that are suitable for walls and floors. We are set to manufacture fine-finished tiles and provide top-quality products and services by leveraging the best human resources.