Manufacturing Excellence, Pallet Packaging, R&D, & QC Department of Neelson
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Manufacturing Excellence

Equipped with advanced production technologies, both of our manufacturing plants – Neelson Ceramic and Neelson Porselano are spread over an area of 2,50,000 square feet. Working together, both the units are capable of producing 25,000 to 30,000 square meters of tiles per day. In order to store such a vast production, we have also built a large storage facility within the vicinity.


Following are some of the salient features that make Neelson Group a leading manufacturer & supplier of glazed porcelain tiles in India.

Advanced Production Unit

Our passion for producing the top quality porcelain tiles in India has driven us to set up world-class manufacturing plants with advanced operational efficiency. Neelson Ceramic & Neelson Porselano have adopted a unique approach of integrating agile process and automation to maximize quality production. Along with state-of-the-art machinery and automated production systems in place, our well experienced technical staff is also a decisive factor that helps us produce the best porcelain tiles. Because of such advanced production units, we can create the finest and stunning ceramic products.

Advance production unit of tiles

Sq. Feet

Compony Area





Sqm per day

Production Capacity

Research, Development And Innovation team testing materials

Research, Development and Innovation

Neelson Group is actively involved in the development of novel ceramic products, stunning tiles designs, and advanced manufacturing technologies to improve profitability and accelerate our growth.

Our flagship R&D facility has one of the best setups and is run by a skilled workforce throughout the year to innovate pioneer designs & quality glazed porcelain tiles. Along with profitability and accelerating growth, the R&D unit also helps us manufacture and supply the best porcelain tiles and ceramic products to the world, making us one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of glazed porcelain tiles in India.

Quality Control Department

Neelson Ceramic & Neelson Porselano both has its own quality control department, which ensures that all the ceramic products, including glazed porcelain tiles that we manufacture adheres to a defined set of international quality standards and meet the customers’ requirements.

Our quality control department is equipped with the best machinery and skilled workforce who continuously strive for improvements. All the top quality porcelain tiles we manufacture must pass this check post before it gets loaded into the truck. This is the reason why our tiles stand apart when it comes to quality and design.

QC department checking tiles quality
pallet packaging for loading glazed porcelain tiles
Pallet Packaging & Loading

Tiles being brittle, packaging them properly to minimize the damage is a crucial issue during the transport. To ensure tiles travel the long journey and reach the destination safely– without any damage, we use pallet packaging only.

Pallet packaging allows us to safely stack the glazed porcelain tiles on the pallet, secure it with strapping, and minimize the risk of damage. The practice also reduces the chance of movement in the container and thus less breakage. Besides, it is easy to load and offload. For all these reasons, we always opt for pallet packaging, whether it’s a local delivery or global delivery.

Exceptional Storage Facility

We have a large storage facility built alongside our manufacturing unit located at the ceramic hub of India - Morbi. The warehouse is equipped with the advanced storage system, which helps us manage and organize our ceramic products efficiently.

Considering the product type, we have developed the pallet storage system & adapted an automation technology at our storage facility to avoid breakage and mess. The vast storage area, automation, and advanced warehouse storage system not only keep the porcelain tiles safe but also enable us to manage small or bulk orders efficiently.

storage facility to store porcelain tiles
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