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High Gloss Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles - 30x60cm - 60x60cm - 60x120cm

high gloss porcelain tile
high gloss porcelain floor tile
high gloss porcelain tile 30x60cm
high gloss porcelain tile 60x60cm
high gloss porcelain tile 60x120cm

Glazed Porcelain Tiles High Gloss collection

High-gloss porcelain tiles should be your first choice if you prefer a bright and shiny home with plenty of light. Reflective lights from high gloss tiles will brighten the room and make it appear more spacious. These tiles are made with a porous body and a white coloured glaze. Besides raw materials, such as clay and pitchers, a uniform slip is mixed and ground thoroughly. At the end of the manufacturing process, these tiles are put through various tests, including water spraying, brushing, glazing, and hammering.

At Neelson Tiles, we manufacture and supply high-quality high gloss flooring tiles in a variety of designs, patterns, and colours. When it comes to physical characteristics, our tiles have a high level of durability, strength, and lustre. Neelson's high gloss porcelain tiles have extremely shiny surfaces and a powerful enamel coating that reflects the maximum amount of light it receives.

Along with these qualities, the ability of high glossy tiles to brighten up space, balance out the light in darker rooms, and make the space look rich and vibrant are some of the factors that contribute to their massive popularity. Besides that, high-gloss tiles represent grandeur, class, and creativity and can enhance the appearance of your rooms' walls and floors. Furthermore, these tiles are extremely easy to clean. To remove the spills and smudges, all you need is a clean cloth, warm water, and a mild liquid detergent.

Neelson has a comprehensive range of quality high gloss flooring tiles in 300x600mm, 600x600mm, and 600x1200mm in a variety of patterns and designs. These tiles can be used for both residential and commercial projects. However, unlike polished porcelain finish tiles and others, these tiles should only be used indoors due to their shiny and slippery surface. Find our complete array of high glossy porcelain tiles in the collection section.