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Wood Look Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles - 60x60cm

wood look porcelain tiles
wood look tile

Wood Look Porcelain Tiles Collection

Give your home a rich & natural look with wood look tile . Wood like tile flooring has undeniably become a popular trend and one of the most popular choices among homeowners. In the past few years owing to the fact that wood look porcelain tiles closely resemble natural hardwood and provide a plethora of additional benefits. Furthermore, these tiles can be used on both walls and floors. Top 5 Reasons to Choose Wood Look Porcelain Tile.

Wood look tile flooring is a lovely way to add creative & complementary accents to your space, transform your space into a classic yet contemporary space, and achieve hardwood aesthetics without having to spend money on expensive natural hardwood. Another significant advantage of wooden tile is that it complements any type of interior, whether traditional or contemporary. Besides, you can also arrange these tiles in various formations to achieve a unique look.

Porcelain wood look tile have many other advantages in terms of strength. High moisture, heavy foot traffic, and pet-related wear-and-tear can all be addressed with these tiles in a visually appealing way. Aside from that, wood look tiles are better suited to Indian weather, are simple to install and have a much longer lifespan.

All of these advantages make porcelain wood tile a popular choice for flooring when you want to create a classic yet contemporary look with hardwood aesthetics at an affordable cost. At Neelson Ceramic, we manufacture the best wooden floor tiles in India. Check out our wide range of wooden finish tiles in a variety of patterns and colors & size of 60x60cm .


In this section you will find the most frequently asked questions, regarding the wood look porcelain tiles, followed by short and comprehensive answers.

Does wood look porcelain tile good?

Yes, wood-looking porcelain tiles are good in various ways. They are more durable and aesthetic.

How durable is porcelain tile that looks like wood?

Porcelain tiles that look like wood are quite durable and last longer than original wood. Also, it can bear a lot more force than the original wood.

Is wood look porcelain tile expensive?

Wood look porcelain tiles are not much more expensive than other tiles or real wood flooring.

Is wood look porcelain tile slippery?

There are a variety of wood like porcelain tiles which include textured and non-textured so you can choose between them.

How long does porcelain wood tile last?

Wood look porcelain tiles last more than 20 years.