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Glazed Porcelain Tiles Matt Collection

When it comes to bathroom and kitchen flooring or wall, matt tiles are always the first choice. It not only provides better traction than gloss tiles, but it also conceals smudges, stains, and dried water droplets better. Not only for bathrooms and kitchens, but matt flooring tiles is also an ideal option for homes with a traditional, rustic, or industrial aesthetic.

When matt tiles are compared to gloss tiles, matt finish floor tiles outlast gloss finish floor tiles in terms of durability, strength, and resistance to high traffic. Aside from that, it has a higher friction level, is non-slippery, and does not need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Even after cleaning, it is not necessary to be on the lookout for water and soap marks. All of these factors combine to make matt tiles an excellent choice for high-humidity areas like the bathroom or kitchen.

Neelson Tiles manufactures and exports the best matt finish tiles to Africa, Europe, the Gulf region, and the Asia Pacific. Our tiles are made from the finest quality raw materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and have a long lifespan. Not to mention, in order to meet our global customers' creative demands, we offer a large collection of matt finish tiles for bathrooms as well as other areas such as rooms and kitchens.

Our matt tiles come in multiple sizes, including 30X60cm matt tiles, 60X60cm matt tiles, and 60X120cm matt tiles, among others. Not only do we have a variety of sizes, but we also have a variety of patterns and colors. Overall, our matt porcelain tile collection is so large and diverse that it will easily satisfy your design appetite and assist you in transforming your space into a dreamland!