-     -   Why Is Wood Look Porcelain Tiles A Better Option Than Hardwood??

Why Is Wood Look Porcelain Tiles A Better Option Than Hardwood??

We all have seen the trend towards modern tiles and flooring in houses. People are spending lots of money to make their homes a beautiful place to live in. There are numerous options you can easily get in tiles in various sizes, colors, shapes or materials. Choosing the correct flooring and tiles for your house is one of the most important decisions as selecting the incorrect flooring option for your home can cost you a lot to maintain them in the future.

If you're still thinking about installing hardwood floorings, give it another thought and go with similar wood look porcelain tiles. These tiles are getting the attention of the customers and interior designers in the last few years. In this blog, we will clear up all your doubts on wood look porcelain tiles and how they are a better option than hardwood.

Wood Look Porcelain Tiles Vs Hardwood: Which One Is Better?

If you have to choose between the hardwood and wood like porcelain tiles then it can be difficult as one is the real one and the other is similar to that. So which one should you choose? The answer to that would be dependent on your needs and requirements. But in this section, we will give you a comparative analysis between the two options and you can make your decision based on these 5 reasons.



Longevity is an important factor to consider when choosing a flooring material for your home. You want to go with a product that is generally long-lasting. Wood look porcelain tiles are a better option than hardwood flooring in a way that they are least affected by scratches, dents, cracks, discoloration, moisture, etc. for a very long period of time.


Installation And Overhead Costs

Starting with the installation cost and further overhead cost, your budget for renovating the house or in later years will be hampered. Out of the options, one that is less costly to install and requires less maintenance needs to be selected. Hardwood floors are more costly to manufacture thereby leading to high pricing as compared to porcelain wood tiles because of the usage of high quality wood and the cost of wood would definitely be higher.

Also, cleaning a hardwood floor is also difficult and thus resulting in high maintenance cost, time and resources as compared to the cleaning of wood look porcelain tiles as they require only a mop or a vacuum machine. You can also clean them once a week with a regular detergent to keep the floor tiles glowing like new ones. To put simply, all of these benefits combine to make porcelain wood tiles low-maintenance tiles.


Look And Elegance

Obviously the look of hardwood seems to be beautiful and elegant in your homes but wood look porcelain tiles can easily replicate this look at a much lower cost. That is where porcelain wood tiles will fulfill all of your expectations. It gives a very natural and elegant appearance to your home, similar to real hardwood.

Isn’t it great for the overall customization in your home? An added advantage would be that these tiles are also available in distinctive colors as compared to the hardwood. Furthermore, this type of porcelain tile provides an overall elegant and classy look like a real hardwood and does not need to be maintained on a regular basis.


Moisture Absorption Rate

In addition to being long-lasting, wood look porcelain tiles are water and moisture resistant. You can easily clean them daily and need not worry about water absorption or damage.

On the other hand, hardwood has less moisture resistance which can cause it to change its natural color and look. Repeated water usage can even cause mildew and mold which can be harmful for the people living in that place as these tiny pieces of wood can also enter into your hand. Therefore, porcelain wood tiles are a more suitable option which can be used anywhere including the bathroom, kitchen, shower and so on.


Usage Areas

Like mentioned earlier, wood look porcelain tiles can be used anywhere in your home and outdoor areas. Their non-porous feature and moisture resistance feature can make them suitable for every place. The different textures available will be helpful for customized usage and can be used in any theme whether it is traditional or modern. Not only are these tiles also stain and water resistant, but they are also fireproof. Therefore, porcelain wood tiles are an ideal option to use in any place be it commercial or residential.

These tiles are available in the sizes of 60X60 cm and can be easily fitted into any room. Wood look porcelain tiles are good for all homes, especially in humid and warm regions where these tiles give a cooling effect to your feet. Its surface also reduces the dirt and dust retained on the floor which is good for the indoor environment.

On the other hand, real and natural hardwood flooring has less moisture resistance making them unsuitable for use in bathrooms and wet areas. Even so, they are a good option for hotter areas and countries because of its warmth feature and are also less slippery which is good for children and elders.

Some Drawbacks of Wood Look Porcelain Tiles

After discussing all the benefits of wood porcelain tiles such as durability, moisture resistance, being less costly and versatile, there are also disadvantages attached to them as compared to the hardwood flooring.

As these tiles are colder, they are not a good choice for colder countries and places, especially if you stand on them bare feet. But you can mitigate this cold with the installation of radiant-heat flooring. These tiles are also hard and rigid and thereby standing on them for a long time can put pressure on your legs and body. They are also dense in structure and heavy in size which makes them difficult to carry and also requires professional help for the installation process.

To sum it up, it seems that wood look porcelain tiles can surely have an upper hand as compared to the hardwood and will clearly meet all your criteria in terms of durability, costing, appearance, moisture resistance and versatility. So, we highly recommend you to choose the wood look porcelain tiles in one go for your home renovation needs in the bathrooms.

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