-     -   What Makes Glazed Porcelain Tiles ‘The Best’ Flooring Solution?

What Makes Glazed Porcelain Tiles ‘The Best’ Flooring Solution?

What Makes Glazed Porcelain Tiles ‘The Best’ Flooring Solution?

While renovating or building a new home, an important question always pops up in the mind of homeowners; Which is the best tile for my home? To answer this question, we need to dwell on the options, scrutinize them, and then factor in the statistics (not to mention, factoring in personal opinion).

All this process can become tedious and exhausting. Hence, this article aims to make the tedious task easier for you and help select the ideal flooring solution for homes without having to go through the hassle mentioned above. Let us take a look at some of the options available in the market and based on that we will scrutinize them to narrow options. After the theory part, personal opinion plays a pivotal role which can only be applied by the homeowners.

What Are The Types of Flooring Options?

Over the years the tiles industry has experienced a surge in demand, and many homeowners are opting for various types of tiles based on their preferences. Hence, let us take a look at some of the popular options available in the market:

1. Glazed Porcelain Tiles:

Glazed Porcelain Tiles

These tiles are made up of clay and fine sand particles exposed to high heat thus making them sturdy, waterproof, environment resistant, and cost-effective. It has properties close to ceramic tiles. These tiles are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs thus they can be considered significantly versatile.

2.Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

These tiles are familiar to most people as they were one of the most popular types of tiles over the years. However, glazed porcelain tiles are triumphing over them in the last couple of years.

3. Hardwood Tiles:

Hardwood Tiles

As the name suggests, these are tiles made of hardwood or natural wood. Wood is naturally not waterproof and hence these tiles require a compromise of durability & high maintenance in turn for aesthetics.

4. Vinyl Tiles:

Vinyl Tiles

These are commonly available as sheet vinyl. One of the most durable tiles available in the market. However, they became out of trend ever since modern households started preferring ceramics or porcelain tiles.

5. Bamboo Tiles:

Bamboo Tiles

The name makes it quite blatant. Bamboo tiles are a durable alternative to hardwood tiles. These tiles are also extremely aesthetic but require some sort of compromise in features. However, now in the market porcelain tiles with the look of real bamboo are also available.

What Factors Are Considered?

When it comes to selecting the ‘Best Flooring Tiles’ the following factors are considered:

1. Durability:

Any tile must be durable and long-lasting. A tile that can be ruined easily is generally not preferred because the floor is prone to heavy foot traffic and environmental stress. Thus, the tiles must have enough strength to withstand the stress and prevail in heavy traffic. Glazed porcelain tiles and vinyl tiles take this one in the bag because of their sheer strength.

2. Aesthetics:

An important factor often correlated with a personal touch. Aesthetics is proven to be of ancient origin, meaning something that is eye-appealing and holds some sort of significance; historic or otherwise. Aesthetic is a customizable factor, hence a tile with great versatility will most probably pass this factor. For example, Hardwood tiles offer great aesthetics and glazed porcelain tiles offer great versatility.

3. Waterproof:

Believe it or not, waterproofing is an important feature. Floors are prone to water spills, drinks, sodas, juices, and so much more. A waterproof tile is essential for homes. Ceramic and glazed porcelain tiles offer waterproof abilities. Glazed porcelain tiles undergo a process called vitrification (subject to high heat) that makes their water absorption rate less than 0.5%.

4. Long-Lasting:

A tile that cannot last long is as good as a glass with no water. Tiles are expected to last long because they can be tedious to install not to mention the mess it creates while installing them. If the tile requires re-installing frequently then it is a bad trade of time and money. So, glazed porcelain tiles and vinyl tiles are better options as they are extremely long-lasting.

5. Low-maintenance:

A ‘install once and forget’ type of tile is recommended because a tile must be able to withstand foot traffic and not get ruined easily. Glazed porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, and vinyl tiles do not require frequent maintenance. If lucky, then never requires maintenance.

All the above-mentioned factors can help in selecting the best flooring solution for homeowners. Based on the theory, glazed porcelain tiles offer great features and versatility thus making them one of the best flooring solutions. These tiles are extremely durable, and waterproof, require low maintenance and are aesthetic. But based on personal opinion the decision may vary as then it becomes a matter of priority.

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