Safe Bathroom Flooring: The Best Choice for Aging Adults
  -     -   Safe Bathroom Flooring: The Best Choice for Aging Adults

Safe Bathroom Flooring: The Best Choice for Aging Adults

Safe Bathroom Flooring: The Best Choice for Aging Adults

Old age needs special care and attention. As our grandparents grow, they become more fragile and less physically capable. To ensure they live a healthy life free from worries and stress, it becomes necessary for a family to check around the home and avoid any sort of safety hazards.


While building a new home or renovating your old home, you must consider various factors that will make your home friendly and safe for your old-age parents. For instance, wet bathrooms are scary and can pose a big threat. The dampness can get tricky and may lead to accidents. So, finding the right bathroom tiles for your elderly family members is crucial. 


The blog will help you know the choices you can make while finding safe bathroom flooring options for aging adults. There are some major aspects that you must consider as explained below.

Matt Finish Tiles

When looking for a safe bathroom option, matt finish tiles are ideal. The most important that you need to consider is the kind of finishing any tiles have.  matt Porcelain Tiles are non-slippery and completely safe for aging adults and kids. Glossy tiles are always the best choice, however, they are impervious to water and not suitable for grandparents. They are super slippery and have low COF values. Whereas, matt porcelain tiles have higher COF values and are resistant to slips. We are the leading matt Porcelain tiles manufacturer in India and can provide the best choices for your home.   

Anti-Skid Tiles

Damp bathrooms can cause several hazardous accidents for old adults. There may be a risk of slipping on soapy tiles. For older parents, controlling their grip and having a perfect vision is difficult. They are incapable of making judgments while moving inside the bathrooms. So choosing the perfect flooring tiles is essential. Buy tiles having a higher Coefficient of Friction Value (COF value). They are resistant to sliding when come in contact with two surfaces. Consider this as the prime factor while purchasing tiles for bathroom flooring.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are also the most preferred bathroom flooring option. They are very easy to maintain and are less expensive. In addition, it depends upon the size of porcelain tiles for bathroom flooring. For example, Porcelain tiles 300x600 MM, Porcelain tiles 600x600 MM, and Porcelain tiles 600x1200 MM are the most chosen range of tiles for bathroom flooring for aging adults. They are very durable, water-resistant, and easy to install. They also come in different designs, colors, and patterns. If it becomes difficult for you to decide which tiles are best suitable for bathroom flooring, choose porcelain tiles. Moreover, you can explore our wide range of Neelson Ceramic’s Porcelain tiles offering numerous options to choose from.

Simple Designs

Old-age parents have always lived a frugal and simple life in their past. Hence, they would go for simple designs and will choose a minimal lifestyle. Unlike them, the younger generation wants more colors, patterns, designs, and bright shades. In the case of senior citizens and aging adults, you need to provide them with a serene atmosphere in their bedrooms and bathrooms. Living life in an open and radiant environment free from pollution will keep them healthy and fresh. To maintain such an atmosphere and avoid panic and an uncomfortable vibe, you can always choose to have muted color tones that are simple and have minimalistic designs. Bathrooms with a solid color will enhance their visibility and will help them move around easily and without any dangers.

Natural Stones

One more best options is to choose natural stone flooring for your aging parents. This range of tiles has a variety of designs and choices that start from granite to marble and quartz. Moreover, they have so many other benefits similar to Porcelain tiles and Ceramic tiles. Natural stones are available in planks, mosaics, and the form tiles. They are resistant to wear and tear and are waterproof in nature. The only drawback of natural stones is they are costlier than other tiles and they are not so easy to install.

Porcelain Tiles

Neelson Ceramic Flooring Tiles for Aging Adults

If you want to buy the safety flooring tiles for your growing old parents and yet need a luxurious appearance, choose Neelson Ceramic. We are the leading Porcelain tiles manufacturer in Morbi and India. We are the perfect option and can provide you with the best flooring options that range from matt finish tiles to porcelain tiles and simple designs to natural stones. Each range of our tiles is highly durable and has anti-skid properties, keeping your old parents safe from any hazards. Get in touch with us to learn more about our products.