Which Glazed Porcelain Tiles Sizes is Suitable For Your Home Applications?
  -     -   Which Glazed Porcelain Tiles Sizes is Suitable For Your Home Applications?

Which Glazed Porcelain Tiles Sizes is Suitable For Your Home Applications?

which glazed porcelain tiles sizes is suitable for your home applications

If you've been considering replacing your flooring, you know that selecting the correct material, color, and size are all primary factors. When buying tiles for your house floor, you will have a variety of sizes to pick from. The proper size is primarily determined by personal preference; nevertheless, experience has shown that some tile sizes are better suited to specific applications.

The floor of your home is the one that best defines your personality. It is the place to be free and relax after a hard day at work; the bedroom of your home tells everything about your preferences. As you put your heart and soul into making your area appear lovely in your own unique way, your home flooring should have some of the most stunning designs.

Neelson tiles have a wide range of tiles in different finishes and sizes from which you can choose and make your place appear really beautiful. This blog will go over some of the greatest glazed porcelain tiles sizes for different areas of your home. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Best Sizes of Glazed Porcelain Tiles For Different Locations of Your Home

When purchasing floor tiles, you have the following options:


Floor Tile Size For Kitchen - 30x60cm

Modern kitchens come in a variety of designs and sizes, from little kitchenettes to big ranch-style kitchens. When buying tiles for your kitchen floor, you will have a variety of sizes to pick from. Expertise has shown that glazed porcelain tiles 30x60cm are the ideal choice tile size for the kitchen area.

The 300x600mm tiles are rectangle small size tile that fits well on the floor. As a result, the glazed porcelain tiles 30x60cm are particularly suggested for kitchen floors. It is the most common size sold, and its size is ideal for customizing. These tiles can be laid in various ways with other tiles of different sizes. In addition, Porcelain tiles 30x60cm in size is also the most cost-effective per square foot.


Floor Tile Size For Bedroom - 600x600mm

The bedroom is the first place your bare feet contact in the morning and the place they touch before going to bed at night. One of the most often concerns is which tile size is best for the bedroom. The answer is dependent on the size of your room, but in general, porcelain tile 600x600 is an excellent choice for bedroom flooring. Because the bedroom is a medium-size area, for which average size square tile 600x600 is an ideal option.

Also, this tile is considerably more durable, easier to clean, and stain-resistant. Additionally, porcelain tile 600x600 size is available in a variety of finishes, including matt, polished, wood look, high gloss, and rocker.


Floor Tile Size For Living Room - 600x1200mm

The living room is a shared area of ​​your home where families spend time together. It is the first room that guests see when they enter your home. So it only makes sense that you redesign this area of your home with great attention. Glazed porcelain tiles 600x1200mm are recommended for the living room. They will form an important component of the overall living room decor since they will provide a sturdy foundation for your entire style.

Also, due to the large size of this tile, it can be installed in the living room with very less grout. So, tile accumulate least dirt and is also easy to clean. By using larger glazed porcelain tiles 600x1200mm, you can cover the entire living room with less tiles which makes it cost effective.

These are a recommended range of tile sizes for each room in the house. All of these sizes, glazed porcelain tiles 30x60cm, glazed porcelain tiles 300x600mm, and porcelain tile 600x1200mm, is enough for providing gorgeous flooring to your space. These tiles also can be utilized in the bathroom, kitchen, outdoor area, and commercial and public spaces.

Neelson Tiles is a leading glazed porcelain tiles manufacturer and exporter in India noted for its high-quality and attractive designs of tiles. The company primarily manufactures Glazed Porcelain Tiles in five finishes: matte, polish, wood look, high gloss, rocker, and three sizes: 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 600x1200mm. Visit our tile collection to explore all of our tiles designs.


What Is The Standard Size Of A Floor Tile?

The glazed floor tile is available in sizes ranging from 2 inches to 24 inches. But the standard 12x12 inch squares tile has become increasingly prevalent and trendy. Because, you will discover the greatest range of materials and styles in this size. and even greater sizes for floor tiles.

What Is The Minimum Thickness Of Floor Tiles?

The thickness of a tile is determined by its material and manufacturing technique. The mosaic tile is the thinnest tile available. It measures around 2 inches thick. In general glazed floor tiles range in thickness from 6 inches for medium-sized tiles to 9 inches for bigger tiles.

What Size do Tiles Make A Room Look Bigger?

Smaller rooms can look bigger with larger tiles. A 24" tile will often make a space feel larger than a 12" tile. The less the grout lines, the less congested and bigger your floor will look. This spaciousness will instantly make your space appear larger.

What Size Floor Tile Is Easiest To Install?

Generally, larger tiles are simpler to install than smaller ones. Larger tiles are generally 12 × 12 inches in size. However, depending on where the tiles are to be laid, that measurement may range up to 24 × 24 inches.

Are Big Tiles Better In A Small Room?

Large tiles create an illusion and can make your small room appear larger. The fundamental reason for this is because larger tiles reduce the 'busy' aspect, but smaller tiles, such as 30x60 tiles which have a higher number of grout lines, enhance how crowded the pattern seems.

Can We Use Two Different Tiles Sizes In One Room?

Many floor areas are built with two different-sized tiles. The use of two tile sizes adds interest to the floor, resulting in a recurring pattern that is less cluttered than those made from multiple-sized tiles. For example, patterns like cobblestone and pinwheel can be created using 12x24 and 12x12 sizes of porcelain tiles. Which gives a unique look to your space.