5 Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Tiles Looking Like New
  -     -   5 Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Tiles Looking Like New

5 Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Tiles Looking Like New

5 Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Tiles Looking Like New

It’s that time, isn’t it? Cleaning your bathroom floor tiles and bathroom wall tiles can be a tedious job to do. The cleaning, washing, and wiping can get really stressing and tiring. But what if it’s not? Bathroom tiles are prone to get dirty but that doesn’t mean they have to stay dirty. They can be maintained efficiently and effectively and in this article, we will share just the means to do so.

There are certain methods that you can carry out to keep your bathroom tiles nice and clean. Let us take a look at them. But first, let’s understand why it is important to clean your bathroom tiles.1.

Why Should You Clean Your Bathroom Tiles?

Bathroom wall tiles are the place where your washbasins are fixed and bathroom floor tiles act as a rest for your feet, bathtubs, and more. Bathroom tiles are exposed to soap, detergent, and germs. Thus, if you do not clean your bathroom they can become infectious and infect you and your loved ones. Thus, it is important to clean your bathroom tiles. Not cleaning your bathroom tiles is essentially promoting bacteria growth and other micro-organisms that cause harm to your health, given that bathrooms are a place to achieve hygiene.

It is obvious that bathrooms need to be kept clean, but how to maintain them? Let us find out.

Effective Ways To Maintain Your Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms can be maintained effectively in several ways, we have included the top 5 ways that will help you keep your bathroom tiles clean and spotless:

Do Regular Cleaning

It is important to regularly clean your bathroom to maintain a hygienic and pleasant environment. This includes cleaning the countertops, sink, toilet, and shower or bathtub. Start by wiping down all surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Be sure to scrub the inside of the toilet bowl, including under the rim, and the drain of the sink. Don’t forget to clean the exterior of the toilet, including the base and the handle. In the shower or bathtub, use a tile cleaner or a mixture of water and vinegar to remove soap scum and hard water stains. Finally, sweep or mop the floor to remove any dirt or debris. By regularly cleaning your bathroom, you can prevent the buildup of germs and bacteria and keep it fresh and inviting.

UnClog The Drainage System

The drainage system carries all the wastewater from the bathroom. The drains also include all the harmful bacteria that might harm you and your loved ones, basically, it is contaminated water. Therefore, it is important to unclog your drainage system to prevent any overflow or exposure to bacteria. Your drainage system is also filled with detergent and soap residue that can damage your bathroom floor tiles in the long run, something to look out for!

Prevent Any Absorbable Material (H4)

Rugs and mats can absorb water from the bathroom. Not only that the absorbed water will be in constant contact with your bathroom floor tiles. This can harm your tiles/makes your tiles dirty, and also increase the chances of slipping. Avoid laying any rugs or mats on the bathroom floor and try to keep the floor as dry as possible. Regular cleaning and wiping the excess water will help you to maintain your bathroom tile aesthetics for a long time.

Look Out For Leaks (H4)

Taps, showerheads, washbasins, and toilets may leak some water. Bathroom wall tiles are in direct contact with all these structures and can therefore be damaged upon prolonged exposure. The tiles can be stained or even damaged if water leaks are left unattended. Water leaks are also one of the main reasons for bathroom hazards! Call the plumber and get the leaks fixed to avoid any harm to the tiles or you!

Always Buy Quality Washbasins, Bathtubs, and Sinks

These are the same things that you will be using the most in your bathroom. Make sure you purchase premium-quality bathtubs, washbasins, and sinks to avoid any unnecessary cracks and compromises. Bathtubs sink, and taps are also prone to pressure-related damages that can lead to leaks. These leaks can further damage the bathroom wall tiles.


In conclusion, maintaining the tiles in your bathroom is essential for keeping it looking clean and fresh. By following these simple tips and using the right products, you can easily keep your bathroom tiles in top condition.

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