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How to Remove Scratches from Glazed Porcelain Tiles?

How to Remove Scratches from Glazed Porcelain Tiles?

No one really likes scratches on their flooring, especially if it's completely new and sparkling gold. Unfortunately, some tiles, such as glazed porcelain tiles, are prone to scratches or are often get scratched. Although glazed porcelain tiles have many advantages, including a sleek appearance , moisture resistance, ease of cleaning, and low cost, they do have some downsides, such as a scratch-prone surface

Unlike wood look porcelain tiles or unglazed porcelain tiles, which have a scratch-resistant surface, the surface of glazed porcelain tiles is glossy, making scratches and stains more apparent. Moreover, since these tiles are often installed throughout the house, there is a good chance that they will be damaged occasionally if proper care is not taken.

But don't worry. Every problem has a solution. So, do the scratches! In this blog, we'll look at how to remove scratches from glazed porcelain tiles and how to prevent them from getting scratched in the first place.

3 Effective Techniques to Remove Scratches from Glazed Porcelain Tiles

As per the information shared above, you must have got the idea that porcelain and ceramic tile usually have glazed surfaces that make them particularly prone to scratching and damage. However, there are 3 simple ways to remove scratches from glazed porcelain tiles . Let's take a closer look at each one.

Method 1:

Remove Easy Scratches from Glazed Porcelain Tiles Using Soapy Water

This method is for stains that are not difficult to remove but cannot be cleaned with water only.

Step 1: Soak a soft, clean cloth in soapy water and wipe it around the scratch/es.

Step 2: Clean the whole length of the scratch, paying special attention to the ends, where dust and grime tend to collect.

Step 3: Wipe the scratch completely dry with a soft, clean towel once you've finished cleaning it.

Step 4: After the scratch is clean and dry, cover it with a dry cloth while you gather the supplies you'll need to fix it.

The next method uses baking soda to remove stains from glazed porcelain tiles.

Method 2:

Remove Moderate Scratches from Glazed Porcelain Tiles Using Baking Soda

This method is for moderate stains that are neither too tough nor too easy.

Step 1: In a container, add a few drops of water to baking soda until it achieves a paste-like thickness.

Step 2: Using a damp non-abrasive scrubbing pad or soft-bristled brush, apply the paste to the stained area and scrub it across the surface or into the scratch.

Step 3: Clean the tile by rinsing away the baking soda and metal particles. If the stains are still apparent after rinsing, wipe the surface with a damp foam eraser.

Step 4: Once you're finished, dry the tile to remove any extra water and let it dry for at least 6-10 hours.

Let's move on to the third method of stain removal from glazed porcelain tiles.

Method 3:

Remove Tough Scratches from Glazed Porcelain Tiles Using Floor Tiles Scratch Remover

This approach is used to remove stains that are too difficult to remove or metal spots.

Step 1: Soak a clean cloth into a tube of toothpaste or use vinegar as a scratch restoration solution and rub the solution around the scratch/es.

Step 2: Work in little circular motions, paying close attention to the ends of the scratch.

Step 3: Wait for the scratch to dry before repeating the set of events. The scratch should be nearly unnoticeable after this treatment.

Step 4: Apply a layer of car wax to the tile's surface with a soft clean cloth to seal the scratched area. Allow the car wax to dry completely.

These are the three simple and effective methods for removing scratches from glazed porcelain tiles. We are certain that by applying these techniques, you will be able to remove the stains from your flooring effortlessly. However, if the stains are too difficult to remove and fail, be sure you don't make the same mistake again!

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